Island Hopping

3rd Party Excursions

There are several cruises to a nearby, tropical island. Seaweed farming is an interesting feature of these island. Seaweed farming takes place in many parts, but the most accessible farms are on the southern side of Lembongan village. Most of the seaweed grown here is destined for the Asian cosmetics industry. Play on a wide sandy beach, go for banana boat-rides along the coast or watch the corals from a glass bottom boat. During the sail to and from the island, you'll have magnificent vistas on the east coast of Bali and the mighty Agung volcano. There are options to go along on a larger vessel, carrying 250 passengers. It has several decks and substantial out- in indoor areas. Or go for a smaller sized catamaran-type of vessel, carrying a maximum of 50 people. You visit the larger, fully-facilitated island of Lembongan or choose one of the smaller, surrounding islands, offering a more off the beaten-track experience.