Jakarta is the place to be! Past and present are inextricably and uniquely linked to each other. Explore a maze of streets in Glodok in the norrhren part of town and visit one of the many Chinese temples where the faithful burn bundles of incense to their favorite Tao god! Drop by in one of the cities great museums. There are priceless wayang puppets and archeological treasures on display. Some render quite realistically Indonesia wonderful past using high-tech audiovisual means. Sip a coffee in a colonially themed café right at Taman Fatahillah, the heart of the former colonial Jakarta Elsewhere ritzy malls and skyscrapers mirror each other’s image in towers of glass and steel. This dynamic metropolis, with its 15,000,0000 inhabitants, is the financial and political heart of Indonesia. Its power can be felt far beyond the boundaries of Java.