The biggest part of the island Borneo belongs to Indonesia. Its name is inextricably linked to the call of adventure. In traditional diamond mines, men ceaselessly search for those glittering stones. On the edge of isolated national parks, Dayaks still live in their magnificent communal longhouses. The adventurous traveler can penetrate deep into a jungle covering most of the island. Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, deserves a special mention here. Every morning everybody seems to be on their way to the local floating market, the largest in Southeast Asia. Through a maze of canals and waterways, along terraces of stilted houses where women unabashedly are doing the laundry, traders are on the way to buy and sell goods. Furthermore, the province has a number of rehabilitation centers, where orangutans are prepared for release in nature. A close encounter with these awesome but gentle primates in their natural habitat is absolutely unforgettable.