Lombok is lies just east of the so called Wallace Line, an imaginary border between the western and eastern part of Indonesia. Fauna and flora of Sumatra, Java, Bali and Kalimantan in the western part are Asiatic, while the eastern part more resembles that of Australia. The coast of Lombok consists of the extremely beautiful beaches, bordered by waving palms. Mount Rinjani, 4.000 m high, rises up in the north east part of Lombok, looking over Lombok as well as Bali. This fertile region is a stark contrast to the dry south, with its traditional salt extraction and numerous fishing villages. Lombok is imbued with an intriguing fusion culture, effortlessly blending elements from Hinduism and Islam with animism. Both in the towns and rural areas, you will find its traces. Every village excels in a particular trade, such as traditional Sasak woven cloths, strikingly beautiful baked pots and wrought iron items, produced for the local market. Typical bell-shaped roofs cover Lombok dwellings. Nowhere you will be welcomed with more enthusiasm than on Lombok!