Batik Lesson

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Get closer to local craftsman in a family home, to join the unique technique process of making Batik motifs. Afterwards, you can take your own handmade souvenir home. Batik generally refers to cloth that has been decorated with wax resist techniques. Local people think that the "batik" process is the best known art form, and most agree that this skill has reached the highest level of artistry throughout Indonesia. A Pattern is applied in hot wax onto a piece of cloth, usually cotton. When the cloth is later dyed, those parts which have been treated with wax will not take up the dye. When the wax is removed, and a pattern of white lines will be left. This process can be repeated with a number of subsequent waxing and dye baths, leaving a complex pattern of motifs in a variety of colors. All of the dyes used are organic, made from plants, flowers, vegetables and minerals. The last step in the process is boiling the cloth to remove the wax. Afterwards, the piece is washed in clean water, then dried to reveal its beauty and originality! The instructor will help you to create this ancient art form with contemporary designs. Surely this class will be one of your most unforgettable.