Focus on East Bali

A Journey to The Religious Centre of The Island

Signature trips

After attending a lively performance of a Barong & Kris dance in Batubulan, you head to the Besakih, built against the southern slope of sacred Mount Agung. The temple links numerous shrines and smaller temples into a vast religious complex. Often women from all over the island dressed in their finest clothes carry huge and colorful offerings on their heads to one of the holy shrines. Later you drop by at the Bat Cave Temple in Kusamba.

Hundreds of bats hide out in the back of its central shrines. Nobody knows why the bats sought refuge there, but hundreds of them reside exactly on this spot. On the black sandy beach on the other side of the road one often sees scores of people completing the last ritual of a cremation. Near the temple gate lines of commuters patiently wait to receive a blessing from a priest before continuing their journey. The Kerta Gosa in Klungkung is a 17th century Court of Justice with traditional ceiling paintings. Punishments that await those in the hereafter if they were found guilty, depict gruesome fantasies on its ceiling.