The Soul Of Bali

A sea and a forest temple, the most beautiful rice fields of Bali

Signature trips

For the Balinese, Pura Tanah Lot is one of the most important and venerated places of their beloved island. Together with some other landmark temples along the western seaboard, it is closely associated with the arrival and spread of Hinduism on Bali. The iconic temple is built on a rock right in the surf of the incessantly pounding Indian Ocean.

Then it is off to the central part of the Bali for a refreshing and easy hike through some peaceful villages. This is an exclusive introduction to the realities of the Balinese farmers. Walk past rice fields, leading like giant staircases to the top of dormant volcanoes. In the afternoon, we find an ancient Hindu temple at the border of the rain forest. The place is so quiet that you can almost hear the Gods whisper. A slow drive back through some of the prettiest scenery of the whole island, leads back to your hotel.