Untamable Kalimantan


from Bali to Java

Transfer to the airport of Bali. Check in on your morning flight to Yogya. Immediately upon arrival , continue your trip by car to Semarang. The road leads past Borubudur temple site and Losari, a lavish coffee estate, renovated into its former colonial splendor. Both are well worth a visit on your way to the interior of Kalimantan. Train lovers might want to visit the Ambarawa Train Station Museum, originally built as a railway station in the late 19th century by King Willem. Late afternoon or early night, check-in in your hotel in Semarang, a bustling port on the central north coast of densely populated Java. Like so many other Javanese towns, it has a distinct old and new face. Parts of this former Dutch administrative centre remains deeply traditional with its many colonial buildings and dynamic Arabic and Chinese quarters, next to a new commercial centre with clogged freeways and modern shopping malls, signaling Java entrance in the 21st century. There is even an 18th century church, still holding services.

from Semarang to Pangkalanbun

Your morning flight crosses the Java Sea heading straight north into Pangkalanbun, a tidy little town with a neat waterfront market with lots of gem shops. Short drive to Kumai and then continue by boat into Tanjung Putih, a national park comprising of large lowland reserve of more than 300.000 hectares. You are traveling on the Sekonyer River on the edges of a vast wilderness. The ink black water surface reflects the nipah palms on its shores. Combined with the mysterious surroundings, this is an out-worldly experience. Before you check-in in Rimba Lodge you'll have a first encounter with some orphaned orangutans at Tanjung Putih. Rimba Lodge resembles a wonderful Dayak styled jungle house on wooden stilts, with walkways over the swamp connecting the rooms. Spend the night listening to the sounds of the jungle.

Tanjung Putih

Spend a day touring this vast reserve with several rehabilitation centers for lost or orphaned orangutans. The reserve consists mainly of freshwater swamp forest and can be explored through a network of trails or by small canoe. It is easy to observe the giant forest dwellers on dedicated paths. You will encounter other wildlife too! Highlights will be Camp Leakey, a centre dedicated to research.

Tanjung Putih

Boating upstream to get to the second station called Pondok Tanggui, on the other end, is a rehabilitation centre for infant orangutans, a few kilometers upriver from Rimba Lodge. Enjoy the trip to late morning than continuing the tour to Pasalat reforestation where you can see how the way to heal the jungle from the destruction. Hiking in the jungle to see the heterogen of the jungle, before back to the boat for visiting Tanjung Harapan village where you can see the Malayan and Semi Dayak settlement in the gate of National park.

return from Tanjung Putih to Bali

You will need a full day traveling and a few flights to reach Bali. You will leave the national park the same way as you came in, floating over the Sekonyer until Kumai. A flight taking off from Pangkalanbun, will bring you to Surabaya and after a transit another flight to Denpasar, Bali.