Africa in East Java

Spanning the tip of East Java and gazed upon by Baluran Mountain, the Baluran National Park emerges as one of the most interesting ecosystems in Indonesia. The park offers exciting possibilities for close encounters with wildlife at night - so much different in the dark, with an expanse of millions of stars overhead and the nocturnal silence all around you. After the thrill of crisscrossing the park with the assistance of local rangers, a home-prepared breakfast awaits you at a lonely beach. Sip coffee while the sun rises over the Java Sea and the surrounding jungle comes alive.

On the way out, your specially equipped vehicle will trek through an amazing African-like landscape. Baluran Mountain gazes upon savannah plains, inhabited by unique species.
The area certainly offers options for a two or three day stay. From Rosa's Ecolodge, right in the heart of Madurese-Javanese village on the outskirts of the Park, you can go on several interesting hiking trips. Venture out through pretty nearby paddies or sugarcane and chili fields and interact with the friendly villagers. Try the local transport of horse drawn carts on the way back to the lodge.

How about some off-the-beaten-track water sport recreation? You'll need a traditional Madurese proa to get you to safely through some coral reefs and you won't have any water scooters or parasailing at your disposal, but the beauty of an absolutely deserted beach, surrounded by limestone hills and forests will make up for that lack!