The Kerta Gosa of Klungkung

The Kerta Gosa of Klungkung, a bale on a raised platform, is all that is left of a powerful Balinese dynasty, which ruled large parts of Bali during most of the 18th century. This nicely renovated square open bale is said to be an old court of justice of the Gelgel kings, who ruled large parts of Bali during most of the 18th century. It was probably part of a larger complex where the kings discussed matters of law & justice. The ceiling has some striking examples of classical Balinese paintings, the so-called wayang-style. Few people know that this type of paintings, which once adorned palaces and temples alike, is still being taught and practiced in a small village just south of Klungkung. This tiny villages is packed with families, who research the uniform dyes and materials necessary to produce the traditional wayan-paintings of which Kamasan is the historical and present-day centre! No impressive temples here, but you may wander from one house-shop-studio to another to observe, compare and find out about the prices in a relaxed atmosphere. In a school compound tucked away between the living quarters an old master transfers his knowledge to small school children on a voluntary basis! If you are interested in this type of art, you should by one of the paintings depicting religious subjects and astrological calendars in typical red, ochre, blue, green and black colorings, look no further!